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Welcome to the Fire Investigations Road Maps (FIRMs) on-line App. You will see an overview of all FIRMs to the left side of this front page depicting many routes that can be taken during a fire causation investigation. This App has condensed 23 FIRMs, including every route that can be taken within each map, into a simplified electronic check list. Only competent and trained fire investigators will be able to use this App, like the risk critical electronic check lists used by commercial pilots before ‘take off’. A pilot’s check list does not give someone the skills to fly an aircraft, as these FIRMs do not give someone the skills to investigate a fire. Your ‘take off’ is BEFORE you leave the fire scene where you must ensure that you have used your FIRMs App. You may not be able to complete all the FIRMs whilst at the scene, but all decisions at the scene will be logged by date and time. You can ‘pause’ any of the FIRMs at anytime pending further data and continue with them when that data is available. Remember, what you leave at the scene… you lose at the scene!

As Dr John DeHaan stated in his publication ‘Kirk’s Fire Investigation’:

"Because of the difficulty and complexity of a complete and accurate fire investigation, and the potential of mental preoccupations, there is a special need for every investigator to develop a comprehensive analytical approach to the task."

But how is your causation analytical approach documented so that you will be accepted as an expert witness? Can you demonstrate your decision process accurately and logically?

Once registered as a single user forensic fire investigator, you alone will be able to:

  • Access all your encrypted individual cases.
  • Update your cases as new information is gathered any time in the future.
  • Re-open any old cases at any time in the future if new data is discovered; the date and time stamps will be added so that those decision points can be substantiated.
  • Produce a date and time stamped PDF log of your fire causation decision paths once your FIRMs have been completed.
  • View a ‘status overview’ of all your investigations as you progress.
  • Provide user feedback.
  • Contact support at FIRMsApp. Link to video explaining the FIRMs.
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The cost to register through this encrypted website and obtain your personally encrypted account, password and personal secure database is £125.00 for the first year. Thereafter you will be charged £4.99/month. All your case will be stored securely and only you will have access to them.

The FIRMs application will be continually updated, with all user feedback taken into consideration, and any significant changes sent to registered users by email to ensure the integrity of their case notes is not compromised.

All decision boxes have information guidance notes to explain what the forensic fire investigator should be considering, included an ‘i’ (information tab) beside each decision box.

For attorneys, solicitors, barristers, loss adjusters, loss assessors and fire investigation team managers who need to audit casework but do not need to sign up for the FIRMS App, a hard-copy of the ‘FIRMs Guidance Book’ is available to purchase with this link.

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